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Baby Class Pre-Alef

A 1:2 Teacher Learner Ratio ensures a safe and stimulating environment for your little one. Sinai accepts babies from 4 months upwards.

Toddlers' Class Alef

A 1:5 Teacher Learner Ratio to ease the transition from home to school is used as we focus on practical life skills, socials skills and laying foundations for future learning. There is a strong emphasis on learning through exploration, purposeful play and creativity which will develop our children's natural love of learning. Montessori teaching equipment and methodology is used to improve learning during this vital stage of development.

Pre-school Class Bet and Gimmel

A 1:8 Teacher Learner Ratio allows teachers to focus on each child's preparation for school readiness as we focus on inquiry-based learning with a Reggio and Montessori approach. Language and math skills are starting to develop and a child's natural need for knowledge is further nurtured. Grade R learners are encouraged to start with letter, number and sound recognition, pre-writing, reading, numeracy and information gathering skills are developed.

A range of activities is on offer to develop and stimulate young minds and bodies including Music Box, Drama, SoccerStarz, PlayBall, Yoga, BuildemBrix and Dancing.

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