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Who We Are

Our Name:

Sinai, it was the defining moment in the landscape of history that gave birth to a Nation.

The Talmud relates that before the giving of the Torah, Moshe/Moses was asked by G-d for a guarantee of the future. “The Children will be our guarantee” was the final expression that ensured the eternity of our future.

From the inception of our existence at Sinai, a love for and faith in our children is a cornerstone of our world outlook.

That vision of Sinai is the motivating force of our school; through building on the rich heritage of our Jewish wisdom and tradition, utilizing the best of forward thinking - child centered educational methods, and providing world class Jewish and Secular learning curriculum and materials in a warm nurturing environment, we provide the academic space for Sinai’s vision of the future to become a reality of the present – The Sinai Academy.

Mission Statement:

To establish a school as part of a Centre of Jewish Life where every Jewish child can discover a positive and meaningful experience, and develop on all cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels, thereby developing the child holistically as a thriving and giving member of society.

Our Accreditation Status

Sinai Academy complies with the standards of municipal, social services and South African National and Provincial Department of Education standards and is thus registered as an Independent School with the WCED (Western Cape Education Department). In addition, we are a member of ISASA (Independent Schools Association of South Africa) and SAMA (South African Montessori Association). On an International level Sinai is one of the few schools in Africa that is accredited under WASC, (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) an international accreditation body. This allows Sinai as a member of the Jewish International Schools of Cape Town to offer an International Matric with learners being able to write PSAT and SATs. We gain access not only South African tertiary institutions but also fast track our learners to some of the best universities in the world. Find out more about a Jewish International High School opportunity with Cape Town Torah High.

Our Curriculum

Sinai Academy uses the Montessori Curriculum for our preschool and then complies with the South African CAPS curriculum from grade 1 - 6. In addition to this, we work with an international Jewish studies and math curriculum allowing for the perfect blend of Jewish and General studies. Our intimate learning environment of less than 24 per class allows for meaningful individualized learning.

Sinai works towards academic success and global competencies through our seven expected schoolwide learner outcomes.

  1. Midot Tovot - Good Character. Students live up to ethical and Jewish standards in their personal and professional lives, with exemplary “Midot Tovot”, such as sensitivity, honesty, respect, and kindness to others as they navigate interpersonal relationships

  2. Family/Community Involvement and Leadership. Students will be equipped with the foundation and skills to establish strong Jewish homes and families, and will be fully engaged in the local and global community as members and leaders.

  3. Lifelong Learners. Students are self directed and lifelong learners, both in Judaic and General studies, challenging themselves to grow spiritually, academically, and emotionally, whilst still being guided by adults who are invested in their well being

  4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Students will possess analytical and thinking skills to decipher, infer, and deeply understand ideas, issues, and texts.

  5. Jewish Identity and Israel. Students will be passionate about their Judaism, and apply and relate the timeless wisdom of Torah and Halacha (Jewish law)  to their modern lives. Students will possess a feeling of connection and love towards the land of Israel, as well as a healthy understanding of the challenges Israel faces.

  6. Effective Communicators. Students are eloquent in the vernacular, whilst equally comfortable with Jewish jargon as they communicate effectively using symbolic and/or language skills of various genres.

  7. Healthy Life Choices. Students will live active and healthy lifestyles, in mind, body and soul.

Why Families Choose Sinai Academy

  • Child centric education based on their interestests means children are passionate about learning

  • Vertical grouping in classrooms optimizes children's social and academic learning where younger children look up to older ones and older children are able to adopt leadership roles

  • Every level of religious observation is accepted

  • Our no-homwork policy means families get to spend more quality time together

  • All stationary and books are provided

  • All meals and snacks are provided by our Chef and kitchen team

  • Bursaries and finacial support available

  • School transport service is available as far as the City and Atlantic Seaboard

  • Pre and aftercare enrichment program from 7:30am to 5:30pm

  • Learning, emotional and family support through our learning support teacher, ELS therapist, social worker and Shul

  • On-going professional and personal development of our staff

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