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Music is an activity which we have incorporated into our school curriculum in order to teach the children a love and appreciation for instruments and their very own talents.


CLASS ALEPH - Together with Morah Lizl, from Kindermusic, who does a weekly lesson for the toddlers. With her warm and loving nature she encourages the children to experiment with the different instruments and their unique sounds.

CLASS BET 3-4/ 4-5-The Kindermusic curriculum is split into age-groups in this class. Along with instruments and music, the children begin to be exposed to musical notes, and tones. This class will allow the children to develop a love for playing an instrument, and they will be able to take this further as they move on in the curriculum with morah Lizl.


Together with Morah Sue, The Kindermusic curriculum begins with developing the ability to choose an instrument , and learn notes. Glockenspiel, recorder, voice lessons and a string instrument are introduced to this cycle.


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