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Sinai Photo Galleries!

Sinai Photo Galleries!


Photo Gallery

Click below for our photo gallery collections including Photo Gallery of this amazing Rosh Hashana Parents Day

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An amazing performance by our stars!
A Big Thank You to our absolutely special Morahs for pulling together such an amazing presentation.

See the video here -
Tzedoko for those in need
Morning prayers at Sinai conclude as every child puts a few coins in the charity box. But what do we do with the money collected?

"Well," explains school director Zeesy Deren, "we gave the money back to children, not to buy sweets, rather to go buy stationary items for disadvantaged children who don't get to have markers, notebooks, scissors and all of the other things we use in school."

Viv Wolff, our outreach director, coordinated a visit to the school. The Sinai children put together packages for those who need them. "Plans are in the works for a visit where we can bring the children from Dunoon to visit our school and make use of our facility."
A day in the life of our children

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