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Throughout the day, children are engaged in the following activities:

The children gather together at circle time as we greet all our classmates. Our goal is to become a school family as we “check in” with one another. We build the foundations for early social/ public speaking skills through our discussions about the day, month and year during calendar time.

'Mondays' are assigned each week for the entire school year. They are encouraged to bring an item from home to show and share with the class or something special they have made. The teacher or students will ask questions about their selection. It is through show and tell that children acquire expanded language skills and the class, as a whole, gains valuable listening skills as well. Your children will also begin to build self-confidence and self esteem as they share their unique selections. Children are encouraged to bring items connected to the week's theme and to contribute to the theme display table.

Music is the universal language in our classrooms! Our children often enjoy working to the sounds of a CD player in the background. Music is integrated into educational games at the end of the day. Both the younger and older classrooms have a professional come into their classroom once a week to teach and experience the gift of music with the children.

The children will have an opportunity to explore their creativity using a variety of art media. Paints (including tempera, watercolors and biocolors), markers, crayons, colored pencils, tape, glue, scissors, glitter and felt are a few of the myriad of materials the children will experiment with in the classroom. In addition to free art, a weekly art activity is incorporated into the week's creativity. Each art activity explores a different technique allowing the child to develop his art abilities to the fullest. It is important to remember that it is the process not the finished product that matters! We want your children to feel proud of their creations!

Our goal is to comfortably expose children to modern, oral Hebrew language. They will hear and learn Hebrew words relating to the seasons and Jewish holidays discussed in their classroom. Hebrew songs are incorporated into lessons. Students will also have hands-on experiences learning about Jewish values, and the customs associated with Shabbat and all the Jewish holidays. The learners are exposed to the Hebrew language through the traditional Montessori 3 point lesson. Each child is taught the Aleph Bet individualy and according to his or her own level

shabbat candles.jpgSHABBAT HOST/HOSTESS:
Preparing and celebrating Shabbat is a special time within the Early Childhood department. The children welcome Shabbat by singing the blessings over the candles, reciting the Kiddush-blessing over the wine (grape juice) and singing the motzee-prayer for eating bread over the Challah. Every child will have an opportunity to be a Shabbat Ima or Abba along with getting the chance to take home the Shabbat box which contains Shabbat candles, wine and our home baked Challas. A special treat will be to host a different mom/dad weekly at our Pre- Shabbat tables. Shabbat snack is a special time for the children. They are able to sing Shabbat songs and eat Challah along with being able to spend special time with their friends.


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