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2017 Term Dates

2017 Term Dates



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First Term

Students: Wednesday 11 January - Friday 7 April

Staff: Monday 9 January - Friday 7 April

Orientation: Tuesday 10 January 1:00-1:45pm

Second Term

Students : Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June

Staff:  Friday 21 April/ Sunday 23 April - Friday 30 June  

Third Term

Students : Tuesday 25 July -Thursday 28 September

Staff : Monday 24 July - Thursday 28 September

[see dates off school for Rosh Hashana]

Fourth Term

Students : Tuesday 17 October - Wednesday 6 December

Staff : Monday 16 October - Friday 8 December

End of term dates: school closes at 12. Staff: 2pm

Pre Jewish Holidays: If school is not closed on erev [day of] Yom Tov, School closes 12pm. No Aftercare.

 (all dates in bold = school closed)


Tu B’shvat- Shabbat 10 evening /11 February- [[pre celebration in school]

Purim/ Shushan Purim- Sunday/ Monday- 12/13 March:   [Sunday special- TBA- Monday celebrated in school]

Pesach First days - Monday 10 April evening -Wednesday 12 April:     [Shul Open -School closed]

Pesach middle days-Chol Hamoed- Thursday 13 April-Sunday 16 April: - [school closed-holidays]

Pesach last days-Sunday evening 16 April / Tuesday 18 April:    [Shul Open – school closed]

Yom Hashoah- Thursday 5 May:   [school day]

Yom Hazikaron-Monday 1 May:    [public holiday]

Yom Ha’atzmaut- Israel day-Tuesday 2 May:   [celebrated in school]

Lag B’Omer-Sunday 14 May:   [pre celebration in school- Sunday special TBA]

Yom Yerushalayim-Wednesday 24 May:  [celebrated in school]

Shavuot -Tuesday 30 May evening-[school closes early] / Wednesday / Thursday 31 May-1 June:    [Shul open-School closed]

Tisha B’av- special fast day- Monday evening 31 July/ Tuesday 1 August: [Commemorated with a special school program/ hours]

Rosh Hashana- Wednesday evening, Thursday-Friday 21/22 September:  [Shul open- school closed]

Yom Kippur- Friday evening 29 September - Shabbat 30 September [Shul Opened-school holidays]

Succot First days -Wednesday evening 4 October- Thursday/Friday 5-6 October    [Shul days- During school holidays]

Succot middle days- Chol Hamoed/ Hoshana Raba -Shabbat 7 October-Wednesday evening 11 Oct [school closed-school holidays]

Succot Last day- Shemini Atzeret- Wednesday evening 11 October-Thursday 12 October [Shul days- During school holidays]

Simchat Torah-Thursday evening 12 October-Friday 13 October:  [Shul days- During school holidays]

Chanukah- Tuesday evening- 12 December-Wednesday 20 December [During school holidays]


Tuesday 21 March Human Rights Day

Thursday 27 April Freedom Day

Monday 01 May Workers’ Day

Friday 02 June - Staff development day

Friday 16 June Youth Day

Wednesday 09 August National Women’s Day

Monday 25 September Heritage Day extended


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