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2016 Term Dates

2016 Term Dates


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Sinai Academy 2016 Term Dates

First Term

Students: Wednesday 13 January- Friday 18 March

Staff: Monday 11 January - Friday 18 March

Orientation: Tuesday 12 January 1:00-1:45pm

Second Term

Students : Wednesday 30 March - Friday 24 June

Staff: Tuesday 29 March - Friday 24 June

[Mid term Pesach break: Close. 21 April 12 pm - resume 3 May]

Third Term

Students : Tuesday 19 July -Friday 14 October

Staff : Monday 18 July - Friday 14 October

[see dates off school for last 2 weeks- Rosh Hashana/ Yom Kippur]

Fourth Term

Students : Thursday 27 October - Wednesday 7 December

Staff : Wednesday 26 October - Friday 9 December

End of term dates: school closes at 12. Staff: 2pm

Pre Jewish Holidays: School closes 12pm.


Thursday 24 March: Purim (During School holidays)

Saturday 23 April /Sunday 24 April: Pesach (1/2) [Shul days -School closed]

Monday 25 April-Thursday 28 April: Chol Hamoed Pesach - [school closed]

Friday 29 April /Saturday 30 April: Pesach (7/8) [Shul days – [school closed]

Thursday 05 May: Yom Hashoah [school day]

Wednesday 11 May: Yom Hazikaron [school day]

Thursday 12 May: Yom Ha’atzmaut [school day]

Thursday 26 May: Lag B’Omer [school day]

Sunday 05 June: Yom Yerushalayim [school day]

Sunday 12 June: Shavuot [Shul days-School closed]

Monday 13 June: Shavuot [Shul days-School closed]

Sunday 14 August: Tisha B’Av [School day]

Monday 03 October: Rosh Hashanah [Shul days- school closed]

Tuesday 04 October: Rosh Hashanah [Shul days- school closed]

Tuesday 11 October: Erev Yom Kippur [school closed]

Wednesday 12 October: Yom Kippur [Shul days- school closed]

Monday-Tuesday 17/18 October: Succot [Shul days- During school holidays]

Wednesday 19 Oct- Sunday 23 October: Chol Hamoed Succot [During school holidays]

Monday 24 October: Shemini Atzeret [Shul days- During school holidays]

Tuesday 25 October: Simchat Torah [Shul days- During school holidays]

Saturday 24 December: Saturday 31 December Chanukah [During school holidays]


Friday 01 January: New Years’ Day

Monday 21 March: Human Rights Day

Friday 25 March: Good Friday

Monday 28 March: Family Day

Wednesday 27 April: Freedom Day [pesach break]

Sunday 1 May: Workers Day [pesach break]

Monday 2 May: Public Holiday [pesach break]

Thursday 16 June: Youth Day

Monday 8 August: School holiday

Tuesday 9 August: Women’s Day

Saturday 24 September: Heritage Day

Wednesday 16 December: Day of Reconciliation

Sunday 25 December: Christmas Day

Monday 26 December: Day of Goodwill


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