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What Happening In Junior Primary?

What Happening In Junior Primary?



This week we have been looking quite closely at our emotions and the different way we express our feelings. We have also been reading books about endangered animals as well as different sea creatures.

Grade 1’s this week have been doing ‘-eg’ and ‘-in’ sound. They are getting really good at creating their own sentences. We also read The Little Red Hen and they were given the opportunity to create their own Little Red Hen book. In Maths, they have been skip counting as well as looking at friends of 9. They loved making patterns with matches and also enjoyed the outside activity consolidating left and right as well as looking at 2D shapes.

Grade 2’s this week, are learning the ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ sound. They have also been looking at homophones and impressed me by their ability to sort words into the correct alphabetical order. They had fun during their group reading activity especially when they got to act out the story. In Maths, they have been practicing skip counting as well as bonds of 14. They continued to consolidate their understanding of doing sums using the place value system and looked at 2D and 3D shapes.

They had loads of fun during gym class and the gym teacher was super impressed by their forward rolls. In music, the children who remembered presented their short oral to Morah Mel. For those who forgot or did not get a chance, she will be listening to them next week Wednesday.

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Hope you all have a great weekend,

Morah Cinzia, Morah Justine and Morah Bev




Our Jewish Learning - Class Daled

Dear parents,

This week we have finished the letter "Tet" with the Group 2, well done to Meira, Josh and Tyler! You are such stars! At this rate we will be completing Ariot 2 Workbook before the end of this Term, which has never been done in the past!

In Group 1 the girls are also doing extremely well, we have started "Tet' , and in"Shalom" the girls have been reading beautifully their Hebrew readers.Well done , Gaby, Jordyn and Carla!

Last but not least, my big girls, Musya, in her own right, has been an absolute star, going from strength to strength! And Chana, Talya, Keira and Layla are doing excellently in the Torah studies, Parsha and Tefilah.

Well done to you all, and have a wonderful Shabbos!

Warmly, Morah Chana

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