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Whats Happening in Class Gimmel?

Whats Happening in Class Gimmel?



This week in Class Gimmel we had a lot of fun finding the letters of our name. I made letter cards with all the letters in each child's name, mixed them all up and laid them out on the mat. Each child had the opportunity to search for the letters in their names. They absolutely loved this games! They then painted rainbows and we attached their letter in order to make rainbow name cards which will come home with them today.

There was a lot of construction and building in class this week too with the building blocks and lego blocks. They work so well together, planning how they are going to build, working on areas together, communicating well and of course using their imagination. All in all it is such great fun!

We also made our own salt dough and made hand prints which are drying. Once they are fully dry, we will paint and decorate them and they will come home.












Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

much love Morah Lana, Morah Marina and Morah Tina




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