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Whats Happening In Class Alef?

Whats Happening In Class Alef?




This week in Class Alef we worked on, with, in and around colours. We went through magazines looking for different colours to add to our very own colour book. We discussed what different colours we wore to school, this of course is a great hit. The more clourful the outfit was the more excited the toddlers got when saying what they were wearing.

This week the toddelers loved learning about mixing colours. We mixed colours with paint, water and shaving cream. All was very messy but the messier the better. We learnt a little song to try help the toddlers remember. We discussed what the colours of the rainbow are and also learnt a fun song and played a game with the colourful parachute.

During Jewish culture the toddlers had fun learning how Hashem created the world in 7 days. We learnt that on day one He created light. The toddlers enjoyed creating shadows using a torch against a white sheet.

This week we focused on taking turns not only in the classroom during creative art but also when playing with our toys, going down the slide or just simply sitting and talking. This has been challenging but definately a wonderful grace and courtesy lesson to be learnt.

Wishing you a restful weekend,

much love

Morah Stacey and Morah Toto

p.s. There seems to be a technical glitch in the system of loading pictures this week. Please see our facebook group for the latest. Sorry :-(



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